Artist Background – Doug Smith

“I first came to encaustic art as a curious observer of this luminescent medium that had a sculptural quality like no other art form. When I learned that it was a craft utilizing beeswax, tree sap and flame, I was intrigued. When I actually tried my hand in it, I caught fire at that moment! I’m passionate about the process. I’m humbled that it is an art form that is 40,000 years old, yet still rare.”

Doug is a Utah native, having worked throughout the U.S. and overseas for four decades, on various design projects. A graduate of Woodbury University in Los Angeles in design, business and architecture. He says, “I entered the art world from the back door!” He has designed furniture, textiles and commercial design projects. He finds encaustic art a balance between the left brain and right brain. “it is as much an engineered process, as it is an abstract, creative, visual process.

He is continually fascinated with the power of black and white, mixed with traces of modern materials such as metal, wasp nest, textile, horsehair, paper, and original photography into his artwork. He finds a grounding and serenity when color palettes are monochromatic. And finds energy with juxtapositions of color compliments however subtle. Smith says, “I enjoy art that allows the viewer to discover irony and amusement as they peer deeper into a piece. Encaustic allows me to bury layers of discovery into a painting.” His paintings often have layers of a painting over the top of another painting. He often incorporates his own photography of found images of pop culture or manmade marks upon nature.